The Mt. Lemmon Homeowners Association was formed in 1969 to protect the welfare of the Mt. Lemmon community and to be involved in all aspects of its improvement. The concerns of the organization are not limited to private property owners. Full membership with voting rights accorded to private  owners  and leased land holders upon payment of yearly dues. Being organized, having a  legal fund and having active LOCAL, voice participation enables the Association  to accomplish most of its goals. Pima County has said the MLHOA is the strongest and most respected homeowners’ organization in the entire county.

The most visible product of the MLHOA is the ECHOES; a newsletter published 10 times a year (Feb – Nov).  The Association organizes social events such as potlucks, pancake  breakfasts, ice cream socials, and raffles enabling owners to mingle while at the same time  raising funds for various community causes. The group has always  depended on volunteer support and found strength in numbers. An elected board acts on behalf of and for the benefit of the membership.