Be part of the Firewise Community and Become Fire Wise

Visit the MT LEMMON FIREWISE COMMUNITY Website, new March, 2023.

Our Firewise website has information for every owner of a Mt Lemmon cabin or undeveloped lot, whether you are new to the mountain or fire-experienced.  There is also information to share with anyone who may rent your cabin.  In addition to the link above, the website is directly accessible from the Firewise Info button at, but this new website has been formatted for easy access to current information that you need, including:

  • A link to Connections for Mt Lemmonites *.
  • Stepwise and pictorial guides to firewising your cabin.
  • Vegetation Removal Tips to firewise your undeveloped property.
  • Up to date contact information for service providers who can help.
  • This year’s guide to what to do with “green waste” – branches, pine needles and cheat grass.
  • Information specifically for owners who rent their cabin or have overnight guests when they aren’t there.
  • A form for reporting the time and funds you are investing in firewising. These reports are required for us to be certified as a Firewise Community and they provide the “in kind” verification required for grants.

*Please use Connections for Mt Lemmonites today if you haven’t used it recently.

It enables you to provide the Mt Lemmon Firewise Team with your preferred/updated cell phone number(s) and email(s).   This facilitates your Neighborhood Firewise Captain’s annual spring contact with you as well as enabling you to rapidly receive timely information regarding changes such as mountain hazards and community Firewise events. If you request and give permission, the Firewise Team will share your information with Mt Lemmon Fire District, Sky Island Kids’ Club, Mt Lemmon Woman’s Club, and/or Mt Lemmon HOA.  The information will not be shared outside of the Mt Lemmon Firewise Team without your express permission.

Author: matthew